As programming has become an indispensable part of any engineering field, a basic Python course was organised for our students to refresh and sharpen their programming skills. Dispuut Verkeer, the dispuut of the MSc track ‘Transport, Infrastructure and Logistics’, hosted three sessions of two hours, in which the basics of Python were explained by two programming experts.

The first session served as an introduction to Python. In this session the students got familiar with the basic functionalities of Python and the use of its many libraries. The second session was all about data analysis. Here, the students could try some hands on programming themselves by manipulating and extrapolating data from large data sets. Also, this session contained a short introduction to the use of machine learning algorithms in data analysis. Finally, in the last session the students were thought how to optimise linear programming problems by using the Gurobi library.

We would like to thank Dispuut Verkeer for letting our students join their event. Combining our two disputes, we were able to motivate over 35 students to participate in this three day event. Let’s see what some teamwork with Dispuut Verkeer can bring us and them in the future!

Python course with Dispuut Verkeer