At the end of the first academic week we kicked off the year with the introduction days . Over the course of two days some fun and educational activities were organised, attended by over 40 new first year Multi-Machine Engineering students.

On thursday afternoon the students were welcomed to 3mE, where the Multi-Machine Engineering track coordinators gave interesting and informatic presentations on the study programme. Afterwards, the group went straight to Rotterdam. Here, they had a chance to get to know eachother and have dinner together. We continued the evening with all students at NRC Cafe, where Nemag joined us to host a pubquiz. While having a beer the students formed groups to tackle all questions about Nemag’s grabs and the transport industry. To close the night Wouter van den Bos joined the group as well, hosting his classic pubquiz, filled with crane and carrier related questions. Both quizzes were enjoyed immensely by the participants!

Friday the students were split into two groups for the remainder introduction activities. Alternately the groups sailed on a Spido tour through the port of Rotterdam, seeing huge ship to shore cranes in live action, and went on a visit to Huisman in Schiedam. Huisman prepared presentations for the students, introducing them to Huisman’s field of expertise and some interesting ongoing projects. After the presentations, the students were taken on a tour through the production facilities to see their massive cranes being built. The visit was closed with a lunch at Huisman for the morning group, and a VrijMiBo for the afternoon group.

It was a great experience to start the academic year by finally being able to organise a field trip to see Multi-Machine Engineering in real life, after a year and a half of lockdown. We would like to thank Nemag and Huisman for their great contribution. Hopefully it will be possible to visit more interesting companies soon!

MME Introduction days