Every year a group of 4 enthusiastic students organizes a Business Tour to a foreign country. The goal of this tour is to broaden the knowledge of the students by becoming acquainted with different corporate cultures. The skills that the students are taught at the Delft University of Technology are very extensive, but focused on the common European industry. A combination of expertise obtained in industries outside of Europe with the Western skills can create a course for our students that grants a more improved and innovative way of thinking and solving. This could be beneficial for the students as well as for the business world, that will welcome these students within a couple of years.

During this two-week trip the students will visit companies to attend presentations, tours and cases. Besides that, attention is paid to the cultural and social activities to create a well suited combination of professionalism and relaxation. Overall it can be concluded that the Business Tour is an essential part of the development of the students of the master Mechanical Engineering, track Multi-Machine Engineering.

If your are interested in the Business Tour 2022 or in a collaboration with the organization and Dispuut Transportkunde Pandora, please contact us at transport-businesstour-3me@tudelft.nl.