ESI Eurosilo                                                                                                                           28 november 2017

It was the first presentation of the year organised by the new board of Dispuut Transportkunde Pandora. Richard (one of the owners) came over from Purmerend to give a presentation about one of their installed storage systems in Lünen, Germany, which we will visit in about a week for the Germany trip!

Richard explained in the presentation how the storage system works and what the benefits are. He showed how easy and quick it could be installed. The storage system is pre-assembled before shipping it to the silo. There, the installation is done within a couple of days rather than weeks. He also showed how much safer it is to use a closed system for the storage of coal and how to solve ‘hotspots’, which are caused by the high pressure. At the end of the presentation Richard told that everyone visiting Lünen will get a chance to get inside the silo! With 100,000 cubic meter and a height of around 40 meter it is an impressive site.

An informative and fun presentation in combination with a sandwich from butcher Leo van Vliet created a perfect first lunch presentation. We hope that everybody is excited for the Germany trip, we know we are!


ESI eurosilo lunchlezing