A couple of weeks ago study association Transportkunde Pandora hosted its annual introduction days. Normally this is a two day event where multiple companies are visited and an overnight stay in Rotterdam is accompanied by a couple of drinks.

Sadly due to the COVID-19 situation this was not possible. But we still wanted to provide the first years students with the opportunity to meet each other in real life. To do this we booked a whole beach club so the corona measures could be enforced.

At the beach club we had a dinner and two pubquizes. The first one was given by Nemag. For most of the first year students this was the first acquaintance with a real Multi-Machine Engineering company. The second quiz was hosted by our very own Wouter van den Bos and really got people excited.

At the end a lot of the first year students were happy to have met each other physically rather than online, and said they were delighted to start their year of the way they did.

Introduction days