For the first time this academic year an excursion to a warehouse was organised for TEL students. On the 28th of februari an excited group of students took the tram to the CEVA logistics compound in The Hague. We were welcomed with some coffee and tea and started the day with an introductory talk from Anna Flamos about CEVA logistics. Shortly after, we split into two groups and went on a warehouse tour with operational managers as our guides. They explained the flow of goods within the distribution centre and gave us an insight in the daily routine. It was nice to be allowed to ask question about anything but soon our enthousiasm had to be limited by the guides in order to finish the tour in time!
The tour finished at the kitting department were components are combined in all kinds of different packages containing different combinations of components. We did a quick case study during which half of the students had to think of ways of increasing efficiency by making use of automation while the other group had to increase efficiency by using the current equipment only.
After such an interesting morning it was time for a delicious lunch in the office building. In the meanwhile both groups of students presented their ideas and received feedback from CEVA staff members. The day was rounded of by a presentation from the contract manager of the CEVA location in The Hague containing more detailed information about the work done at their compound.

Excursion CEVA