Transportkunde Pandora

Transportkunde Pandora

Now that the lectures of Characterization and Handling of Bulk Solid Materials are slowly progressing towards the end, we thought it may be interesting to go out and look at a real bulk terminal.
Therefore a excursion is organized to EMO (Europees Massagoed- Overslagbedrijf) on the 1st Maasvlakte in Rotterdam in the morning of 8 january 2014. This terminal is the biggest in handling dry bulk materials in Europe and is mainly focussed on handling with iron ore and coal.
Unfortunately there is only place for 40 students to join us on this excursion so we handle a first come, first serve system for the registrations. Transportation will be arranged by us and more info will be send to the participants.

We have reached the maximum number of participants! 

You can still join the back-up list  by clicking here. We will inform you in case someone else drops out.

Please note that only students attending the course ‘Char. and Handling of bulk solids’ are eligible to join! 

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