Transportkunde Pandora

Transportkunde Pandora

On Thursday the 5th of december, an excursion took place in collaboration with independent international engineering and project management consultancy firm Royal Haskoning DHV.

The group of students who joined the excursion all met at noon at the central station in Delft, to commute a small ways away, to Rotterdam. When they all arrived everyone helped themselves to a nice cup of coffee and a presentation about the workings of the company was given.

After this the students received information about the case they would be working on. The case was about creating a transport route in rural Africa, to transport raw materials from the mine, which are located land inwards, to the sea, to be transported all over the world. There were several ways the raw material could be transported, and finding the optimal combination for different combinations of demands was a fun challenge. After the first round everyone was treated to some snacks to keep the energy up for the second. Then it was back to work for the students, as the demands had suddenly changed, a way to get used to real life scenarios according to Royal Haskoning.

When everyone had given their final presentation the winning group was chosen and all the members of that group received a certificate from the company complimenting them on the good job they did. After this it was time for drinks and snacks, which Royal Haskoning had kindly provided. It was a nice way for the students to, in a relaxed atmosphere, get to know the company a little better.

On behalf of the Dispuut and the students of MME, I would like to thank Royal Haskoning DHV for their hospitality good care, and an overall fun experience.