Transportkunde Pandora

Transportkunde Pandora

On Thursday March 29th Mieloo & Alexander held a lunch lecture in association with Dispuut Transportkunde Pandora. The guest speaker was no other than Joseph Owusu, one of the founders of Mieloo & Alexander. Mieloo & Alexander is specialized in designing, planning and implementing technology solutions and aiming to transform companies to achieve operational excellence.

During this very informative session, Mister Owusu showed the wide range of projects his company is involved in around Europe. He also showed the wide range of impressive companies Mieloo & Alexander is doing business with.

Many of the projects involved AutoID, such as RFID technology, which could be used by clients to gain useful insights about their products. Using passive RFID chips Mieloo & Alexander were able to help Sony set up a system in warehouses in Germany with which prove of shipment for their products could be given, thus eliminating false claims of non-delivery.

Another project involved active RFID technology with which the position of cars could be monitored at all times in a car storage area for import. So when a specific car needed to be moved to a customer, the position of this vehicle could be narrowly pinpointed from a huge car parking area.

All in all it was a very informative and inspiring lunch lecture, which also functioned as an introduction to the company for the upcoming excursion with Mieloo & Alexander. For this excursion there was a maximum appliance of 15 persons. This limit was reached within 2 hours.