Transportkunde Pandora

Transportkunde Pandora

Wednesday on the 23th of May Dispuut transportkunde Pandora organized an excursion to Nemag. The Day started to drive with busses to Zierikzee where Nemag is located. The day started with a coffee and a welcome by Micheal Corbeau.
After the welcome Micheal give a presentation about Nemag and it position in the global market.

The second presentation was about the turnaround that happened at Nemag and the will to standardize the grappler manufacturing while still be able to compel with the desires of a customer.
Afterwards we had presentation about the nemaX the new grappler that is developed at Nemag.


Shortly after we had tour around the factory to see how the grapplers are made. During the tour, it was also very visible too see the improvements they made at Nemag. To be more efficient and better equipped for the modern market. After the tour, we had a nice lunch at a local restaurant.


In the midday, a business case was presented to us: Develop a new way to unload ships many designs where shown. It was a hard and interesting challenge. The main challenge was too find a solution wat can still use the Quay cranes as a base.

In the end of the midday a we had a small drink with everybody of Nemag who helped during the day. It was a interesting day with a new look on Nemag as a company