Transportkunde Pandora

Transportkunde Pandora

Hello everyone!

During the recent trip to Germany the destination of the Business Tour 2019 was announced. For anyone who wasn’t there, we will be going to beautiful India! ??

The current plan is to visit the cities of Mumbai, Bangalore, and Kochi, with some stops at smaller towns and nature parks along the way. The trip will be a mix of visiting companies in our field, local culture and nature, good food and nightlife, and of course free time to do as you please. We expect to have around 15 people joining us on this two-week trip of a lifetime, taking place right after the final exams in July.

In 2016, the TEL Business Tour also went to India. Click the link below to read a summary of their trip to get an idea of what you might expect this summer.

The exact dates, route and other details will be announced soon. Initially, we expect the costs to be €950 per person for the entire trip. This is subject to change, and there will be a possibility to pay in separate terms. All details regarding financial and logistical issues will be communicated later.

If you have any questions, please direct them to Anouk, Jasper, Nander or Paul, and we will be happy to answer them. For now, it’s time to open up registration! Please fill in the form below if you’re excited to join the greatest trip you’ve ever been on!