Transportkunde Pandora

Transportkunde Pandora

On the 24th of April, master associations Transportkunde Pandora and Verkeer together organised an excursion to Accenture for TEL and TIL students.

The day began at Accenture’s Dutch HQ in south Amsterdam with a welcoming lunch and an introduction from the team who would be giving us an insight into the company itself and their experiences. The students were asked in the beginning what they would like to know from the day and the list of desired expectations were ticked off the list throughout the day.

After learning more about Accenture and the work atmosphere, it was time for the case to begin and the brief was the technological advancement of the Amsterdam Bicycle Company. The students were set the challenge of using one of 3 cutting-edge technological approaches to help future proof the company: Machine Learning, Blockchain and Augmented Reality. Whilst developing the ideas, the students were introduced to some of the techniques used by Accenture to catalyse teamwork and aid project development.

Using the development procedure, the groups managed to propose a range of ideas that covered machine learning and augmented reality approaches. These ideas were then taken further from a range of perspectives to become a concept ready to be pitched to the bosses of ABC.

After the case, the excursion was wrapped up with a borrel on the roof terrace, with an impressive view over the city. A great end to an eye opening visit and a chance for students to reflect a little more on the future internship and career opportunities that are available to them.